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Priscilla Patrick Yoga Catalog

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Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Complete Collection
Ghosts and Legends
Throughout the years that South Carolina ETV has offered the Priscilla Patrick Yoga series, we've had numerous requests from viewers wanting to purchase the entire series. Here it is...130 fifteen-minute lessons for your personal collection to watch when and where you want!

Carolina Stories: Ghosts and Legends I, II, III
Each of these 30-minute programs travels dark country roads, visits haunted old buildings and explores eerie landmarks in search of South Carolinaís most famous phantoms. Included are Alice of the Hermitage, the Gray Man, the Landís End Ghost, pirates of Charleston, and USCís Longstreet Theatre ghost.

DVD: $19.95 each, plus s&h
Or buy the set for $47.88 plus s&h

The Big Picture
The Big Picture is a weekly program designed to inform, entertain and enlighten
Connections is ETV's weekly public affairs program and online discussion about issues that affect the South Carolina minority population. Web site.