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Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Complete Collection
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Priscilla's Yoga Stretches Complete Collection
Throughout the years that South Carolina ETV has offered the Priscilla Patrick Yoga series, we've had numerous requests from viewers wanting to purchase the entire series. Here it is...130 - 15 minute lessons for your personal collection to watch when and where you want!

DVD $260.00
Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Priscilla's Yoga Stretches For Beginners
Each lesson begins with breathing and limbering exercises, followed by more challenging workouts.

DVD $29.95
Priscilla Patrick Yoga Series: Priscilla's Yoga Stretches For Intermediates
Each lesson begins with breathing and limbering exercises, followed by more challenging workouts.

DVD $29.95
Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Priscilla's Yoga Stretches For Advanced Intermediate
Each lesson begins with breathing and limbering exercises, followed by more challenging workouts.

DVD $29.95
Priscilla's Lower Back Repair Kit
Approximately 80 percent of the United States have had, are having, or will have lower back problems. For this reason, this 2-session program is a must-have for your exercise video collection!
Session 1 contains a brief segment on breathing and relaxation techniques to ease the tension out of tight muscles and is followed by very gentle exercises designed to increase strength and flexibility into the lumbar back.
Session 2 contains over a dozen different exercises specifically designed to bring strength and flexibility into the lumbar back. It includes a discussion with a physical therapist and explains and demonstrates different variations to the poses for those who have particular limitations.

DVD $24.95
Priscilla's Yoga for Expectant Mothers
This is the ideal workout for expectant mothers and their families. Priscilla’s daughter-in-law joins her in this program, and she is seven months pregnant. Carefully constructed exercises in this program were used in classroom applications with expectant mothers in various stages of pregnancy.
The video features two separate workouts sessions containing over 20 different stretches and postures that are perfectly safe for all stages of a normal, healthy pregnancy.
Previewed and unanimously approved by doctors of obstetrics and gynecology.

DVD $29.95
Priscilla Patrick Yoga Series: Strengthening Stretches For Fibromyalgia And Chronic Muscle Pain
Tried, tested and accepted in classroom situations, this therapeutic video uses timeless yoga stretches to gently work muscular tension out of the body. Regaining and maintaining full range of motion in joints and muscles without over straining the body are important components of the path of wellness. This video contains two 15-minute segments conducive to daily practice.

DVD $29.95
Priscilla Patrick Yoga Series: One Stretch At A Time: Recovering From Breast Surgery
Individuals who take an active role in their own healing process create a positive atmosphere that greatly enhances the curative powers that exercise provides. Increasing circulation in and around the affected areas is especially true in the recovery from breast surgery. Restoring and maintaining range of motion in joints and muscles is critical for the total recovery process.
This program contains two 15-minute segments. Segment 1 is a gentle workout that begins with relaxation breathing exercises. Following are general exercises for the entire body to allow the release of muscular tension. Postures are included that will slowly and carefully lengthen muscles in and around the affected areas. Segment 2 gradually increases the range of motion exercises, being more specific to the chest, arm, and shoulder areas. A thorough, safe, and rewarding workout is assured.
Evaluated and approved by oncologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, this therapeutic exercise program has been tested in classroom situations with individuals who have experienced breast surgery of varying degrees.

DVD $29.95
Stretching with Priscilla Patrick : Priscilla's Upper-Body Chair Exercises
Designed for individuals with limited mobility, these two 15-minute sessions deal specifically with the upper body. Thorough, but gentle, workouts are ideal for those who are chair-bound, as well as for those who need upper-body exercise but don't enjoy getting down on the floor. Due to the rich quality and variety of the exercises, each session leaves the participant feeling revitalized and tension-free.

DVD $29.95
Stretching with Priscilla Patrick: Stretch and De-Stress
In these three 10-minute sessions, yoga expert Priscilla Patrick demonstrates stretching exercises designed for those suffering from upper-body tension, specifically in the neck and shoulder area. Easily incorporated into the daily work schedule, approximately 20 different exercises stimulate circulation and methodically stretch fatigue, stress and tension from chronically tight muscles. This is truly a classic exercise program in its clear-cut simplicity and effectiveness.

DVD $29.95
Stretching with Priscilla Patrick: Ready, Set, Stretch!
Two 15-minute sessions designed for those who have achieved a comfortable level of flexibility and strength, these exercises are fun, challenging and somewhat demanding! This quick workout targets the major muscle groups for stamina, as well as focuses on the long muscles for flexibility. The sessions feature approximately 16 different positions that will keep your body balanced and well-conditioned.

DVD $24.95
Stretching with Priscilla Patrick: Fit and Nifty Over Fifty
Join Priscilla Patrick in this workout program designed especially for the active senior adult. The first 15-minute session eases into stretches for flexibility, toning and strength; while the second session presents more challenging exercises. Catalog #012-003

DVD $24.95
Stretching for Athletes: Stretching and Exercise Warm-Ups For The Active Adult
Stretching, a must for every athlete, helps reduce the possibility of injury. To assist the athlete with proper stretching techniques, this program contains two 15-minute sessions of carefully selected stretches that incorporate necessary movements for such sports as football, baseball, golf, tennis, bicycling, running, and volleyball. The exercises are ideal as warm-up and cool-down routines, and can easily be incorporated into athletic programs in schools and wellness centers.
Designed to be used by conditioned athletes, those just beginning a physical fitness program should approach some positions with caution.

DVD $29.95
Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Priscilla's Yoga Stretches Workbook
Priscilla's Yoga Stretches Workbook covers various aspects of hatha yoga techniques and includes photographs for visual instruction and proper body movement. The workbook includes yoga techniques for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Also covered are various breathing techniques, yoga preparation, proper movement, and focus. The workbook contains a low-back series, a limbering series, and multiple health tips.

Print item $14.95
Priscilla Patrick Yoga Series: To Life Workbook
Illustrates the various stretching postures taught by Priscilla Patrick. The 69-page paperback book starts at the beginner level and proceeds to more advanced levels of stretching.

Print item $9.95