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Smart Cat
ETV offers some of the finest Children's programming available. Many quality programs are produced and broadcast.

Gullah Tales
Classic Gullah stories told by Aunt Pearlie Sue in both Gullah and English.

Smart Cat
Great ETV Smart Cat items.

The Caillou Boo-Boo Freeze is a reusable ice pack for children of all ages! It makes minor bumps and bruises feel better by helping reduce pain and swelling. Keep Caillou Boo-Boo Freeze in the freezer when not in use, and it will be ready when your little one gets a boo-boo!

Deputy Billy And Friends
Deputy Billy and his sidekick Sergeant Rick, promotes safety awareness and good values for kids ages four to eight. Community helpers offer interesting and educational tidbits for young viewers. Bob the Burglar had a tendency to make the wrong choices, making it necessary for Deputy Billy and Sergeant Rick to correct him. Gruffy, the "Crime Pup", delivers a safety message during each program.

Safety City
Safety Cid and Cindy teach your children safety first! Designed for interactive use after viewing, this program contains six, five-minute segments: Railroad Signs/Safety Belts Railroad Safety Fire Safety/911 Bicycle Safety Pedestrian/Stranger Danger School Bus Safety

From Sesame Street to your child's heart, Elmo merchandise has arrived.

Danger Rangers
Entertain-Educate-Empower This premium quality entertainment for children 3-7, ensures that children have fun and learn through laughter as they become empowered to make better safety decision. "Think Safe, Play Safe, Be Safe". Log onto and search "Danger Rangers" for picture books, color books and DVD's! Web site.