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Program: "Yoga In Practice: Season 1"
Episode(s):Breathing Into Awareness
Cultivating Confidence
Being Steady In The Unknown
Stand In Your Light
The Art Of Connection
Steadiness and Freedom
Shining Brightly
Learning To Slow Down
Opening To Self-Love
Where You Look Matters
Fearlessly Open Your Heart
Learning To Do Just Enough
Production Date(s):2017
Synopsis:"Yoga in Practice is a 13-part series led by master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins. The program is designed to teach the foundations of yoga to the at-home student, and to encourage a daily yoga practice that is more than simply physical exercise. 13 episodes, 26:46 minutes each. 1: Breathing into Awareness; 2: Stand in Your Light; 3: Cultivating Confidence; 4: Fearlessly Open Your Heart; 5: Steadiness and Freedom; 6: Learning to Do Just Enough; 7: Shining Brightly; 8: Being Steady in the Unknown; 9: Learning to Slow Down; 10: Opening to Self-Love; 11: The Art of Connection; 12: Where You Look Matters; 13: Remembrance."
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