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Program: "Mary Long's Yesteryear Season 3"
Episode(s):Magnolia Gardens: The Drayton Legacy
Century of Tradition: Converse College
The Archangel's Church: St. Michael's of Charleston
Spring's Colonel: Elliott White Springs
Unsung Heroes: Motte and Hayne
The Redcliffe Dynasty: James Henry Hammond
Crossroads of History: Charleston Exchange Building
The Redfern Mystery
No Mercy: Sherman's Fury
Clemson: Goal Line Drive
Production Date(s):1998
Synopsis:Taped on historic sites across South Carolina, producer and host Mary Long delights you as she weaves the stories of a rich heritage from pirates to plantations. This series explores little-known stories that you won’t find in the history books. Many of the sites visited in the programs are open to the visiting public. Mary Long succeeds in showing a seldom-seen side of history.
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