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Program: "Priscilla Patrick Yoga Series: One Stretch At A Time: Recovering From Breast Surgery"
Episode(s):One Stretch At A Time: Recovering From Breast Surgery
Production Date(s):2001
Synopsis:Individuals who take an active role in their own healing process create a positive atmosphere that greatly enhances the curative powers that exercise provides. Increasing circulation in and around the affected areas is especially true in the recovery from breast surgery. Restoring and maintaining range of motion in joints and muscles is critical for the total recovery process.
This program contains two 15-minute segments. Segment 1 is a gentle workout that begins with relaxation breathing exercises. Following are general exercises for the entire body to allow the release of muscular tension. Postures are included that will slowly and carefully lengthen muscles in and around the affected areas. Segment 2 gradually increases the range of motion exercises, being more specific to the chest, arm, and shoulder areas. A thorough, safe, and rewarding workout is assured.
Evaluated and approved by oncologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, this therapeutic exercise program has been tested in classroom situations with individuals who have experienced breast surgery of varying degrees.
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