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Program: "Special Father's Day Package"
Episode(s):Battle of Camden
Carolina Stories: Baseball in the Upstate
Carolina Stories: Just a Game
Production Date(s):2006, 2008, 2007
Synopsis:Battle of Camden: From new guerilla tactics employed by American militia to the actions of an over-confident king, the tragic events that transpired on August 16, 1780 became the catalyst that led to the birth of a nation.
Baseball in the Upstate: From the late 1800ís to present day, the game of baseball has played an important role in the history and culture surrounding the Upstate of South Carolina. Many baseball greats started their careers in either the Textile Mill Leagues or the segregated Negro Leagues. Baseball in the Upstate explores the fascination of baseball, and why it remains one of the favorite pastimes in the area.
Produced and directed by Mitzi Adams.
Just A Game: Carolina-Clemson is truly "Super Bowl" of football in South Carolina. The game lasts only 60 minutes, but the result is written in stone for the next 365 days. ETV's one-hour television documentary features the football teams and fans of the USC Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers, culminating in the 2007 showdown at Williams-Brice Stadium. How can one football game mean so much to so many people? What does it mean to bleed garnet and black...or orange and purple? And why do fans seem to live or die by what happens in this crucial game. Carolina Stories: "Just a Game" tackles these questions and much more as it celebrates the history and culture of the Palmetto State's most storied rivalry.
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