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Program: "Carolina Stories: Uncommon Folk"
Episode(s):Carolina Stories: Uncommon Folk
Production Date(s):2000
Synopsis:There are some artists that fall outside of the definition of fine art. Sometimes referred to as folk, outsider, visionary or memory artists, most are driven to create something that has a special meaning to them. Some use objects from their own back yard, or illustrate person visions or cultural history, while others use art to cope with life. Some are celebrated locally, while the work of others goes unseen until their deaths. One thing they have in common is that they are destined to leave their impression on this world through their work. Carolina Stories: Uncommon Folk takes a look at some of South Carolina's unique self-taught artists in conjunction with the SC State Museum exhibit by the same title. Featured are Maxie Eades, Reverend Johnny Simmons, L.C. Carson, Sam Doyle, Ernest Lee and Margaret Robbins. Produced, directed, written and edited by Lynn Cornfoot.
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