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Yoga In Practice
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Yoga In Practice: Season 1
"Yoga in Practice is a 13-part series led by master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins. The program is designed to teach the foundations of yoga to the at-home student, and to encourage a daily yoga practice that is more than simply physical exercise. Executive Producer: Stacey Millner-Collins; Producer: Betsy Newman; Director: Steve Folks; Production Manager: Renee Layson; Executive-in-Charge: Amy Shumaker; Opening titles by David Johnson. Support for the series is provided by the ETV Endowment of SC, Inc. 13 episodes, 26:46 minutes each. 1: Breathing into Awareness; 2: Stand in Your Light; 3: Cultivating Confidence; 4: Fearlessly Open Your Heart; 5: Steadiness and Freedom; 6: Learning to Do Just Enough; 7: Shining Brightly; 8: Being Steady in the Unknown; 9: Learning to Slow Down; 10: Opening to Self-Love; 11: The Art of Connection; 12: Where You Look Matters; 13: Remembrance."

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Yoga In Practice: Breathing Into Awareness
Season 1: Episode 1. Yoga is a transformational practice of awareness that connects your body with your mind, and this helps you to truly appreciate each moment. To feel more centered, we must remember to breathe and live in the moment. Episode one teaches how to move in relation to our natural breath as a simple awareness technique, and how to align the general foundation of a pose to create overall steadiness and focus. The class builds to a basic balancing pose, Tree.

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Yoga In Practice: Stand In Your Light
Season 1: Episode 2. Episode two focuses on the principles of how to create a stable foundation with your hands and feet. Just like the foundation of a house, the foundation of each pose needs to be balanced and evenly grounded to provide a strong support for the rest of your body. Feeling this support in the body cultivates a sense of inner strength and joy. Learning to align the basic poses of Downward Dog and Warrior I starts with this foundation.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Cultivating Confidence
Season 1: Episode 3. Learning to trust yourself and to be authentically “you” is one of the greatest lessons that yoga provides. As one of Stacey’s mentors likes to say, “Yoga is the art of getting good at being yourself.” In this episode we learn to engage our muscles in standing poses, which allows us to “take a confident stance” and has a calming effect on our nervous systems. We focus on two key standing poses, Warrior II and Side Angle Pose.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Fearlessly Open Your Heart
Season 1: Episode 4. The French word for heart, Coeur, is the root for the English word courage. When we practice courageously and focus on expanding our hearts, we leave class less fearful and hopefully more loving. Physically, we can experience this opening of the heart by aligning our shoulders and engaging our upper backs, which together, expands the chest. In this class we will concentrate on poses that integrate the upper body, front & back...plank, yoga push-up, and cobra. You will need two blocks.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Steadiness and Freedom
Season 1: Episode 5. Everything in life pulses in a pattern of dualities…birth & death, day & night, yes & no. On our yoga mats the primary relationship we work with is between contraction and expansion. In poses, we contract muscles to find steadiness while simultaneously expanding through our bones to experience freedom. Understanding this pulsation within our body helps manage the inevitable ups & downs of life. Today’s class will explore this connection in Triangle Pose.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Learning To Do Just Enough
Season 1: Episode 6. In Sanskrit, the original language of yoga, the word for beauty is alamkara which roughly translates as “doing just enough.” This concept is important in both our yoga practice and in our daily lives. Over-doing often leads to stress, burnout, or injury. On the other hand, under-doing means we haven’t fulfilled our potential, and can lead to feeling unworthy or dissatisfied. In this class we will explore what 100% or fullness means on any given day and for any given pose, while focusing on Revolved Triangle Pose.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Shining Brightly
Season 1: Episode 7. Like a flower, in order to grow and expand, we must be solidly grounded. What this means in yoga is that in order to shine and fully delight in the pose, one must root down first. In today’s practice we will explore the balance between staying actively engaged, or grounded, and extending upward and outward in Half Moon Pose. The sense of freedom found when we expand in any pose, both physically and mentally, encourages us to enjoy the fullness of the moment.

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Yoga In Practice: Being Steady In The Unknown
Season 1: Episode 8. This class will build toward a fundamental arm balance called Side Plank. In this posture it is important to create alignment and integration in the shoulders and core to support your weight while simultaneously maintaining balance. More than many postures, Side Plank encourages us to accept the possibility of “falling”. This possibility asks us to consider who we are when we move beyond our notions of perfection, both mentally and physically. Holding steady in a challenging situation is an important lesson in yoga.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Learning To Slow Down
Season 1: Episode 9. The rapid pace of modern life compromises our wellbeing and ages us prematurely. Yoga teaches us that the present moment is the ONLY moment. This class focuses on the slow and steady practice of hip opening and forward folds. By learning to move more mindfully into each pose, to hold the pose while focusing on the breath, and to release the pose with the same attention that created it, we slow down and cultivate a moving meditation. This leads to a nourishing experience of slow self-reflection.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Opening To Self-Love
Season 1: Episode 10. The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. Until you have cultivated love for yourself, it is difficult to fully receive the love of others. We practice this in yoga by remembering our own value and worth even as we may face limitations in certain poses. We will explore the idea of self-love in this class by working toward a basic backbend, Bridge Pose, and focusing on opening our shoulders and chest...the “heart” of our bodies.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: The Art Of Connection
Season 1: Episode 11. The art of yoga is really the art of connection. In our practices, we connect the body to the mind; the individual to the universal; the material to the spiritual—and, in this class, the front body to the back body. In yoga terms, the front body represents our individual ego and the back body represents an experience of oneness. Therefore, when we begin a pose from the back it invites us to connect to something bigger than ourselves. Moving from the back body requires us to integrate the strength of the front body. Today, we will use this connection in Snowbird and Boat pose.

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Yoga In Practice: Where You Look Matters
Season 1: Episode 12. As we age things tend to get stuck, both in our perspectives and in our bodies. In yoga, rotated poses can help get us unstuck. Twisting is beneficial for our spines and our digestion, and helps to balance our physical energy. Such poses can also change our perspective from one point of view to another as we twist. In this class we will learn the basics of healthy rotations to aid in cleansing our organs, reinvigorating our spine, and refreshing our perspective—because where you look matters.

DVD $19.95
Yoga In Practice: Remembrance
Season 1: Episode 13. To forget is part of being human. In our daily lives we often forget the big picture, we forget love is our essence, and we forget that we are all connected. Forgetting, however, provides an awaken. Becoming more awake is a gift. On our mats we practice remembering by awakening the various parts of our bodies and unifying them as an integrated whole. This class addresses remembrance and the integration of the body in forward folds.

DVD $19.95