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Priscilla Patrick Yoga Catalog

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Program:"Southern Lens: Landlocked: How South Carolina Made Fishing History"
Episode(s):Landlocked: How South Carolina Made Fishing History
Production Date(s):2012
Synopsis:Landlocked is the amazing story of how South Carolina changed fishing history. Back during the Great Depression, the state undertook a strange and controversial project. Through the use of federal funds, 40 miles of dams and dikes were constructed to flood 160,000 acres of the sleepy, swampy, historic, moss-hung Low Country, inland from Charleston, to create hydroelectric power. When the lock of the dams was closed, the striped bass (originally a salt water/ocean dwelling fish) became landlocked, unable to get back to salt water. After several years, fishermen and biologists realized the fish were thriving and reproducing in only freshwater. Striped bass is now stocked in nearly 40 states and is considered one of America’s greatest game fish.
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