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Program: "Yoga In Practice: Learning To Do Just Enough"
Episode(s):Learning To Do Just Enough
Production Date(s):2017
Synopsis:Season 1: Episode 6. In Sanskrit, the original language of yoga, the word for beauty is alamkara which roughly translates as “doing just enough.” This concept is important in both our yoga practice and in our daily lives. Over-doing often leads to stress, burnout, or injury. On the other hand, under-doing means we haven’t fulfilled our potential, and can lead to feeling unworthy or dissatisfied. In this class we will explore what 100% or fullness means on any given day and for any given pose, while focusing on Revolved Triangle Pose. Executive Producer: Stacey Millner-Collins; Producer: Betsy Newman; Director: Steve Folks; Production Manager: Renee Layson; Executive-in-Charge: Amy Shumaker; Opening titles by David Johnson. Support for the series is provided by the ETV Endowment of SC, Inc.
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