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Priscilla Patrick Yoga Catalog

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Program:"Mary Long's Yesteryear: A Legacy of Love"
Episode(s):A Legacy of Love
Production Date(s):1950
Volume discount available.
Synopsis:When Mary Long passed away in 1998, newspaper headlines named her "South Carolina's Grand Lady of History." Produced shortly after her death, this tribute to ETV's Mary Long traces her career from schoolteacher to host of the popular television series Mary Long's Yesteryear. The program profiles her years of work in South Carolina's public schools and the many students she mentored as a English and drama teacher. Also featured is a look at Ms. Long's 20-year involvement with the North Carolina outdoor drama, The Lost Colony, including her 10 years in the roll as Queen Elizabeth I. The program follows Ms. Long as she wins the state's first Ms. Senior South Carolina Pageant and goes onto represent the state in the National pageant. Included in this tribute are segments from more that four years of Mary Long's Yesteryear along with in-depth interviews with "South Carolina's Grand Lady of History."
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