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Priscilla Patrick Yoga Catalog

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Program:"Barbecue and Home Cooking: Foods That Make You Smile!"
Episode(s):Foods That Make You Smile!
Production Date(s):2004
Synopsis:South Carolina documentary filmmaker, Stan Woodward returned to his home-state and to his family’s farming roots in Barnwell County to produce Barbecue and Home Cooking: Foods That Make You Smile! After identifying, authenticating and establishing the “folk heritage roots” storyline at eateries in four rural counties in South Carolina - Aiken, Barnwell, Bamberg and Orangeburg - Mr. Woodward and folklorist, Saddler Taylor turned one of the most thoroughly researched and documented folk heritage foodways projects in the United States into a briskly moving and ever-surprising video journey that makes you want to go meet these wonderful people and eat their wonderful food! The result is a documentary that marks out a veritable folk heritage foodways “food trail” through the four-counties of Region 3 of the SC National Heritage Corridor.
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